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On the Journey

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Life is not always as it seems. On the journey we come upon roadblocks and obstacles. One amazing thing about God is that He knows how to get us around and through the roadblocks and obstacles. We have to look at our life and know that whatever is happening God is working it out if we are inviting Him into the situation. God has never failed me. Even when I don't know what tomorrow may bring I know that the Father loves us and is guiding us. As we spend time with Him He begins to drop directions in our heart and if we are close than we can hear His voice clearly. Sometimes it comes as a sensing, an impression, or just a knowing in our hearts.  I am again having to learn how to relax and trust in Him and just enjoy Him and the journey He has me on right now. 


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1 Comment

Stacy Walker
Stacy Walker
Jul 07, 2020

Thank You for sharing. I hang onto to his every word. I do know its all about what I can't see!!

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